The Best 7 Tips for Beach Pictures Poses

If you are on vacation and post no photos in your social media, it means that your travel has failed. Thus, learning basic beach pictures poses is an essential part of summer adventures. Follow simple tips and get the best pictures that will impress your family and friends.

Avoid the “soldier” position

If you want to take a photo of the entire body, forget about standing straight, facing the camera. Instead, you can stand half-turned, touching your hair or leaning on something.

Use accessories

Accessories can complete your looks, adding some mystery and highlighting certain parts of the body.

Rules of asymmetry

Lying on a deck chair taking photos, you need to mind the most beneficial position. Avoid the clunky look of the upper body and short legs. Arch the back and bend the legs to get a perfect picture.

Watch your posture

The crooked back can make even the best photo the worst. Instead, highlight your feminity, beautiful curves of your body and excellent posture.

Your knees

Sitting straight in front of the camera, you risk getting a photo with really massive knees. It is better to choose the sidewalk position with lifted legs.


Make sure the person who’s taking a portrait isn’t standing above you, as it is a way to “lose” your neck and look offended. The photographer should always be at the same level as you.

Wet hair

Sexy and hot shots with wet-haired girls you see on magazine covers can be achieved only thanks to Photoshop. In fact, wet hair usually looks oily. Thus, wait until your hair is damp, but not fully dry.

When you have all the knowledge about beach pictures poses, but something goes wrong every time to try them, Wander Way is exactly what you need. Professional vacation photographers will help you get the desired result. Pleasant, positive atmosphere, unforgettable emotions, and lots of fun can still result in bright and memorable shots. Contact the team to discuss the details and make arrangements.

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