11 Amusing and Inexpensive Romantic Date Ideas

There is no need to pay a high price to spend the best time of your life together with your beloved one. Sometimes what seems like insignificant and trivial makes all the difference and adds new colors to your relations. Let’s see how you can take the most out of a cheap yet fun date:

1. If you live not far from some truly fascinating sightseeing places, just go on a day trip together with your other half and spend fun time together! You can also go for a bike ride or a romantic walk along the seaside in a nearby town.

2. Enjoy winter activities to the fullest by playing in the snow, building a real snowman and drinking hot cocoa after you are done.

3. Pick a good movie in a store and make some popcorn all by yourself to enjoy your time in a homemade movie theatre without leaving the comfort of your home.


4. If both of you are fond of nature and beautiful landscapes, why not set on a romantic hiking trip to add a little bit of challenge to your life?

5. Talk about your plans for the future while drinking champagne and relaxing to the fullest. At times, we are just too busy being overwhelmed with our own working schedules, but it is still important to reconnect with your partner to let them know that they actually matter.

6. Visit a botanical garden! These are not just picturesque places to admire, but also romantic getaways that cost only a few dollars, while some of them can even be accessed for free.

7. Cook a romantic dinner for the two of you at home and enjoy those happy moments together!

8. Take a look at where the local bus lines or trains can bring you. Maybe the train goes not far from the mountains so that you can enjoy some truly breathtaking views, or maybe a cheap bus ride can lead you right to the seaside. Why not give it a try?

9. Organize an ice-cream date and then walk along the local streets and talk about something pleasant with your partner gripping a cone in your hands and having lots of fun together.

10. Grab some delicious dessert and tea or coffee and have fun at some intimate café in a relaxing atmosphere without anyone bothering you.


11. Have you ever had a fun date on a merry-go-ride? It’s a great idea to refresh your everyday relationship and have something to remember in the future.


You may now see that your options are virtually countless, so just don’t lose another minute but make your choice now!