5 Best Thanksgiving Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you don’t want to stay in noisy Los Angeles for the holidays, don’t ya? We present to your attention the five best (in our opinion) places where you can get away from LA with your family and friends to have a great rest and celebrate one of the favorite holidays of the year. Let’s go then!

San Francisco.

From one city to another? Why not! This city has many names – both its own and the names of celebrities who live and used to live in it. A city of tangled streets, a place of the legendary Golden Gate Bridge and thousands of coffee shops. Even if you have already been to San Francisco, another trip will definitely not be superfluous as you can rediscover this city a hundred times.


San Diego.

Another “saint” on our list is a great choice for the whole family. In San Diego, you can visit the museum on the huge aircraft carrier and Legoland, the country of zillion cubes. It will be pleasant to both children and adults!


Monterey Bay.

The main attraction of the town on the shore of the bay is the fishing quarter. Use your chance to travel through the famous 17-miles Drive to Carmel, where another picturesque road starts – the amazing Big Sur, which is perfect for traveling by open-roofed car. Everything here is saturated with the freshness of water and the spirit of the ocean!


Las Vegas.

Can you imagine a truly great vacation without visiting one of the iconic cities of the country? Want fun – go to Vegas! Millions of lights and plenty of entertainment in addition to the legendary casinos: restaurants, museums, and, of course, the ability to quickly get married in one of the chapels (just don’t get drunk and get divorced the very next day!). Use holidays to the fullest!


Sequoia National Forest.

If you want to relax your soul and enjoy the incredibly beautiful nature, then Sequoia Forest is your best choice. Here you can admire the granite monolith, centuries-old sequoias, waterfalls, and spend dozens of hours watching mighty nature as it was millions of years ago till today… Not a park, but a fairy tale!


Liked our ideas? We hope so!

Nevertheless, even if you decided to go on a vacation trip just in the last minute, without prior booking of a hotel or tour, you can always choose Laguna Beach, Malibu, or Santa Barbara for just several days off.

Have a great weekend and happy Thanksgiving!