5 places in Bali which you must visit

Top 5 places in Bali which you should visit.

✔️ Pura Tanah Lot.

It's a unique temple that looks like Jesus is standing on the water. Inside you can not go, but you can visit a cave with a sacred snake. Since this is a very crowded place, try to visit here at sunset to enjoy the magical beauty of a deserted temple.⠀

✔️ Monkey Forest Ubud.

The forest of monkeys in Ubud is a terrific place. Here you can visit the natural environment of monkeys, see the holy springs and find stone lizards.⠀

✔️ Mount Batur.

The height of the volcano is 1717 meters. You can enjoy the view of the volcano from the village of Kintamani or you can climb the summit yourself, the choice is yours.⠀

✔️ Uluwatu.

This place is famous not only for the temple but for the rock. In the morning you can make yourself a unique photo against the background of a huge rock falling into the wild ocean. Panoramic views of Uluwatu will be remembered for a long time.⠀

✔️ Abandoned hotel.

The name speaks for itself. The hotel is known not too much but who knows about it, will be able to see the uniqueness of this building personally. From the upper terraces you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains, if you arrive in the evening and you are lucky with the weather, then you will see a sunset here.⠀