Top 7 friends picture ideas for your next vacation


Having fun with a friend is the best part of friendship. However, there is a problem — besties don’t usually have cool photos together. Take an opportunity and change the situation. Now it is the best time to do that. Find out the most interesting friends picture ideas and enjoy excellent time creating history. Plan a weekend or a one-day tour to a new place, explore the city or go to a famous resort to make your dreams and desires come true.

Share your adventures        

Planning a trip to a different country? Or maybe considering summer vacation? Why not take your friend with you and explore new places together? Take pictures in new sites and enjoy time together.


Share your summer fun       

Summer is the highlight of the year, especially if spent with someone you appreciate. Enjoy the summer vibe with a true friend, laughing, having fun and taking cool photos.


Soak up the sun        

A fantastic beach day with your friends is everything you need for perfect emotions and unique memories. Besides, the ocean may be a good background for your pics.


Try twinning!     

How can you show the inseparable friendship? Twinning is the solution. It’s not only funny but also memorable.


Explore new places     

If you have made up your mind to go on an adventure, nothing can stop you. Go to the chosen destination, snap photos and enjoy an excellent day!


                   Take holiday photos      

Capture your common obsessions! No matter if it is playing with snowballs or heading to a pumpkin patch.


Use the outdoors        

Irrespective of the season, weather and other factors, just take comfy clothes and have fun with friends.


A range of friends picture ideas, professionalism, and quality equipment are the guarantees of the desired result. Contact Wander Way to make arrangements and get the most high-quality and creative pictures. Vacation photos or portraits with your bestie just cannot be better!