Top 5 Romantic Places in the World to Celebrate Engagement

Happy New Year and greetings on your engagement! The holiday time is not over yet, and we are pretty sure that you are now wondering where you can travel to celebrate your engagement. Let’s see what romantic travel destinations all over the world would serve this purpose best of all to let both of you enjoy the happiest time of your life.


Washington DC

This travel destination is a must-visit city for all couples! Just because it is an official capital of the American nation having its own flair due to classically designed architecture, lots of historically important monuments as well as a whole plethora of museums. Nonetheless, what makes it your best choice is its peaceful atmosphere and luxury in everything you see.  


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We cannot discuss romantic places to celebrate engagement without making a reference to Paris. This is an undisputable city of love where romantic lanes and cozy streets will turn your trip into the most memorable time you have ever spent with your other half. Here you can enjoy lots of activities, like visiting the Eiffel Tower, tasting French cuisine in a local restaurant or simply enjoying local sightseeing attractions to diversify your time together.


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This is probably the all-favorite Hawaiian island that is a bit smaller than the rest of local lands and not so densely populated, which makes it a lot more peaceful and calm. Isn’t it a perfect getaway for a newly engaged couple?


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This is a world-famous island in Indonesia with mesmerizing landscapes, majestic terraces, stunningly beautiful temples as well as romantic beaches and a truly breath-taking cultural heritage. You’ll get a chance to embrace a new culture to make your trip truly unforgettable!


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The last on our list would be the capital of the mysterious Eastern land that continues to lure travelers due to its unique culture and lots of sights to take a look at. What’s more, it is a perfect place to taste new cuisine and learn more about the most technologically advanced nation in the world.


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