Top 5 Best Places to Take Photos in Venice

Venice is one of the most famous and attractive places to visit. The city is filled with romance, calmness, and beauty. Literally, every person, even the most demanding one, will find the top spot here.

1. Piazza San Marco


Address: Saint Mark's Basilica, Piazza San Marco, 328, 30100 Venezia VE, Italy


Once you are in love with exclusive architecture and beautiful views of the city, the central square will be a perfect destination for your photo shoot, no matter if it is a wedding photo session, love story or a solo experience. Make an arrangement for 7-8 a.m. to get an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the place without crowds of tourists.

2. Grand Canal, S. Zaccaria (Danieli)


Are you fond of an ocean, pleasant breeze, fresh air and changing mood of the water? The piers along the Grand Canal will attract you and catch your heart. Perfect time spent with your family and awesome photos are guaranteed. Make arrangements with a professional photographer and enjoy the time spent in the heart-warming atmosphere.

3. Inside Venice: streets and canals


No time or desire to go to a special place in Venice? Not a big deal because the whole of Venice is special. Every street, every canal and every corner of the city has much to offer. Unique architecture, perfect views of the canal and other attractions will become ideal backgrounds for a photo shoot.


4. Ponte dei Sospiri  and Ponte di Rialto


 These world-known bridges help create an amazing atmosphere of love and romance, thus, being a top choice for people, who are in search of an unforgettable photo shoot. Besides, it can be a great spot for solo photos around an architectural masterpiece. Ponte dei Sospiri and Ponte di Rialto are impressive but not the only bridges in Venice. A wide range of other places will help you and the photographers of Wander Way Photo to create the desired image and enjoy your time in the city.


5. Classic Venice style


What is your association with Venice? Right, that’s all about gondolas. Great time in the heart of Venice, bright and cool photos, new experience and an exclusive photo shoot with your best half are guaranteed. Want more? An impressive masquerade will contribute to your advantageous vacations.