Top 7 Photography Tips and Tricks

Holding a photo shoot abroad is not just a great way to save the happy memories about your travel time but also a perfect opportunity to capture the best moments that you will admire the next time you feel nostalgic about your trip. However, it is just as important to take pictures in the right way and know how to take full advantage of a professional photo session carried out by an experienced photographer.

Here is all you need to know about how to make this time enjoyable for everyone involved:



The best time for a photo shoot is after the sunrise and before the sunset. Just like it is with choosing the time for your visit to a museum, it is important to pick the right time for a photo session. Keep in mind that in such popular travel destinations as Paris, it is better to start in the morning, after the daybreak, as there will be not too many people, and you’ll get much better lighting during this time of the day.


When it comes to choosing an outfit for a photo shoot, every detail appears to be important. This refers to not just the choice of colors but also the choice of clothes that would let you feel maximum comfort during a photo session. Make sure you wear soft, delicate and not too bright colors that will make your skin tone look simply adorable, while the choice of clothes itself depends entirely on your personal style. Choose jeans and a T-shirt if you enjoy loose and comfy clothes and opt for high heels and a nice dress if you prefer wearing elegant clothes to accentuate your sophisticated taste.


Move naturally and don’t try to strike a pose, but instead let every moment count by deriving pleasure from your travel time and having a great time together. Natural movements make pictures look fun and exciting without traditional stiff poses that might seem a bit boring. What’s more, the camera just loves harmonious movements and carefree walking because this is what makes photos look original and unique.


Don’t let the weather spoil your travel time. Similarly, don’t make too much fuss if your children do not behave very well, because your reprimands may ruin all the fun. There is nothing more important than to preserve a pleasant atmosphere for everyone engaged in a photo shoot to make sure it is free from any stress and tension.


It is important to take pictures from different perspectives. Getting closer is ideal for making portraits while taking photos from a distance will be a perfect option for capturing the city views or natural landscapes.


Ask your photographer whether you can take a look at some of the pictures while the photo shoot is still in progress. This is the best way to see whether everything goes smoothly or whether any changes need to be made in order to guarantee the best results.


Don’t be too shy to talk about your expectations with a photographer. Just share your ideas and make sure your photographer knows what you anticipate and what you wish to get as a result of your mutual effort. Honest communication is the best way to build mutual trust and make your photo shoot truly pleasurable for everyone engaged in it!