Best Time of the Day to Take Pictures

Do you plan a photo session? Then you need to consider several important factors that can influence the final result you get. They include:

  • A skillful photographer;
  • Best time of day to take pictures;
  • Editing and other details.

If you are looking for quality pictures, you need to mind these tips and follow some recommendations. The basic rule is several hours after the sunrise and a few hours before the sunset.

Golden Hours

When the sun is still low in the sky, this is a perfect opportunity to take quality pictures. It happens twice a day, so you have two chances daily, at sunrise and sunset. Don’t pay attention to the name, as this period can last more than an hour, depending on the season and part of the Earth you are in. The main specifications of this time include the sun, which is low in the sky, soft shadows, and flattering length and angles.

The Sun Rise

Create lens flare photography right after the sun is risen. Fascinating golden color will brighten your portrait or any other type of photo you take. Find the best location and direct your camera right to it.

Advice on the Best Photo Shoots

Once you have found the best time of day to take pictures, you need to know some other recommendations, which will help you achieve the desired results: if you go sightseeing or traveling to other countries/cities, you should mind the timing. It’s better to take photos early in the morning, especially once in Rome or Paris. 7 a.m. may be the only chance for you to get what you want.

Convert Portraits to Black-and-White when the Light Is Harsh

If you failed with the light, it is not a reason to get disappointed. There is always a chance to save favorite portraits, transforming them into black-and-whites.


However, if your friend does not cope with the task of a photographer, stop making him/her suffer. Contact the professional team of Wander Way, arrange a meeting with an experienced photographer, discuss the best time for a photo shoot and enjoy an excellent time and exclusive results.