5 Tips for Taking Child Portraits

Enthusiasm, creativity, and spontaneity are the words frequently associated with children. They are always ready to go around the world with parents, fond of showing emotions and perfect for family photos. However, when it comes to child portraits, it is necessary to be ready for a long and tiresome process. On the other hand, following several tips and having interesting ideas may help you greatly. This is exceptionally valuable during trips to different countries when you want to commemorate the precious moment with your baby.


Finding the ultimate angle is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to child’s photography. However, there are simple methods that can help you achieve the desired effect. First of all, try to get down low. Close-ups are the next step, as they may help to improve the angle. Nursed shots can also be a beneficial option on your way to the achievement of the unique and excellent photo for your child.

Keep Shooting

Babies change every day, and this is the process that is pleasant to track. Take as many photos as you can to enjoy them when your baby grows up.

Indirect Lighting

Taking a flawless portrait of your child, especially when you are traveling in another country, is close to impossible. Special lighting or the exact time of the day is necessary, but indirect light can help here.

Pick Your Moments

Timing matters. Don’t forget that babies don’t move much, but they sometimes want to change position and expression.

They Don’t Need to Look at the Camera

When you think you have failed because your child was not looking at the camera, double check the picture, as you may find one of the most excellent shots.


Travel photos, usual child portraits and other pictures related to your baby cannot be excellent without a professional photographer. Wander Way is a team of photographers with years of valuable experience. Contact them in order to make arrangements, speak about your preferences and discuss the ways of getting quality photos.