The Ultimate Photo Guide on How to Take Good City Pictures

Even experienced and professional photographers may have problems with urban photo shoots. However, there is nothing impossible for the one who is decisive and ready for something new. Catching the lights, finding the best spot and being risky are the first steps to successful and exclusive city pictures.


Here are several tips that will help you to achieve the maximal result with minimal effort:

Take Photos of Dining Spots

Usually, they resemble the tradition of the area and its culture. National cuisine and the way the food is served differs greatly, depending on the city. It may be a great way to depict the uniqueness of the destination.


Architecture is one of the essential parts of city pictures and their compositions. However, foreground elements can contribute greatly to the scenery and add some uniqueness.

Bring Talent to Light

Bring talent to light. If you have noticed something interesting, make sure you have taken the maximum of it. A trivial wide photo is not your limit, so ask people to show what they can and get ready to take pictures of that.

Composition and Deep Meaning

Combination of strong composition and deep meaning. A single image may look good, but if it has a deeper sense, it is much more interesting and intriguing.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Find the spot and position; let people help you do this and contribute to the urban photos you take. 

Try Something New

Be bold and try something new. Strange and unusual angles are the exact thing you are looking for. Change the position and take photos from a different point.


These photo tips may be useful for photographers, who have some experience and are ready for experiments. However, if you want to get bright, interesting and not trivial city photos, you need to contact Wander Way and make sure one of the professional vacation photographers will help you preserve valuable moments about the city you've come to visit.