Couple Images from Italy

Italy is a country associated with romance, love, affection and maximal level of beauty. The vast majority of people, who are engaged, strive to get to the place to take perfect couple images. Every location here is unique, the view is satisfying and the architecture is eye-catching. A plethora of narrow streets, cozy restaurants, and breathtaking sites attract more and more tourists every year.


More photos from Rome.

We wanted to capture our first trip to Europe together and a post proposal/engagement shoot. I happened to stumble upon Wander Way via Instagram. Their work and marketing is very professional which convinced us to work with them. The communication was seamless, we were even able to communicate to our photographer inspirational poses we wanted, which helped facilitate the shoot, I feel. All in all, we are very happy with our photos and we can’t wait to share them with our friends and family! I would recommend them to anyone looking to instill their vacations in timeless photos!

- Jennifer

We asked Jennifer and Mark to tell us more about their love story and adventure to Rome. 


Could you tell how you met your husband? Maybe you have an interesting or fun love story. Or just something you would like to share about your couple. You can also tell about your proposal.


We both lived in different parts of Southern California, but we met online 3.5 years ago on a dating app. I thought he was kind and had the most genuine smile. We went on a few dates and the rest is history. We joke that if it weren't for social media and the internet, we would have never met each other. We always like to travel somewhere together once a year, to get away from the daily routine. A few times to Japan, to local cities like Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Miami. Europe had been on my bucket list to return back to. I had studied abroad in Florence. Our Europe trip coincided with our engagement, so we thought it was the perfect setting for it. We chose our proposal spot as something very intimate and romantic, near the Roman Forum.


How was your vacation in Rome? Why you choose this destination? What are your favorite places in the city? Or top 3 places that you think you need to visit every tourist and why?


Our vacation in Rome was nice, we got to visit all the historic monuments and eat all the best pasta, gelato and espresso we could get our hands on. We chose this destination because I believe its one of the biggest Italian cities that encompasses every aspect of Italian culture. Our favorite spot in Rome must be the Colosseum. Even though it is very touristy, it's a must-see in person. So much history happened there. The Vatican is also a very important place to visit as well. The grandness of the St. Peter's Square is something to witness, regardless of religion.



Why do you consider it important to do an engagement photo session and how did you choose the location for the photo session?


We thought it was important to have an engagement photoshoot in Rome, because we felt we had to take advantage of such a beautiful backdrop to timeless photos that we want to treasure for years to come. This trip was special, because it was the first time my fiancee had ever experienced Europe and what it has to offer. We chose our locations spots based on how iconic they were.

However, coming to Italy and taking no photos is close to nonsense. Wander Way may be a perfect solution for those who are in search of unique couple images ideas and ways of turning them into reality. Contact the team and arrange a photo shoot to get the best photos ever.