7 Tips for Capturing Family Portraits

If you think family portraits are always boring and identical, you are mistaken. The problem is in the lack of experience and ideas for interesting and engaging shots. At the same time, it is important to have such photos in your family archive.

Shoot in Manual Exposure Mode

Portrait photography requires much attention and accuracy. Thus, pay attention to all the details and control all elements, starting with clothes, facial expressions, and up to a mode on your camera. Manual exposure mode can simplify your work processing the photo, so it’s the best way to get excellent shots.

Lock the Focus or Use Manual Focus

Set your camera and lock the focus to be sure it will not change in any of the shots.

Arrange People with Heads Staggered

Boring lines, columns of heads and strict rows are always boring. Thus, avoid such tendencies, replacing them with diagonal lines and more dynamic positions.

Allow Kids to Be Kids

What do you expect from a child? Being funny and crazy? Let him/her show real emotions and express true feelings, even in a family portrait.

How to Help People Pose

There are no flaws in your body; there are wrong lighting, poses, and other factors. Help people pose in order to get ideal shots.

Lighting is Key

Lighting can make a difference, either improving or worsening the picture. Get enough light into the eyes of the object to ensure the ultimate quality of the photo.


Don’t forget about your expressions, because they are as important as lighting and other factors.


All these tips may help you get perfect family portraits, but there is an easier solution for you. Contact the team of Wander Way, arrange a meeting with a professional photographer and enjoy the best moments you spend with your family. New ideas, unique images and lots of fun are guaranteed.