Gatsby Wedding in San Francisco City Hall: Alexandra & Igor

It was an incredible day to remember!

Just a few days after the New Year - probably the best time to start a new stage in your life. Igor and Alexandra chose to make it official at San Francisco’s City Hall. 

The wedding ceremony was scheduled for 8 am - probably the most earlier wedding ceremony shoot for Wander Way. But this is definitely the best time to do a photo session in San Francisco City Hall. No one around and an amazing feeling that this day and this moment belongs only to these two.

We decided to call this photoshoot - Gatsby wedding! Look at the bride, she is so beautiful and so mysterious, and the groom looks classic but stylish at the same time! Such a great Gatsby wedding idea, right?

Service was great! We absolutely loved our photographer and all of our photos were ready to view very quickly after our wedding in San Francisco City Hall!

The Wander Way did a great job making every part of this experience very easy and fun from choosing a package to communicating with our photographers and wedding venue!

Definitely, recommend!


- Alexandra

 San Francisco, CA