Glamour Shots


The definition of classic beauty is constantly changing, as well as the notion of glamour shots. However, just think about well-defined curves, excellent cheekbones forms, and proper lighting. This is what you’d call glamour photography. However, you should not think about it as traditional portraits, as currently, it is far beyond it.

What Is Glamour Photography

Basically, talking about glamour pictures, it is important to mention that individual beauty is the main focus. Therefore, it frequently becomes inspirational for other genres, such as fashion shoots and portrait photos. Despite it is quite complicated to define the trend, you can definitely say that it celebrates sexual attraction and frequently makes photographers apprehensive. Anyway, charm, beauty, and uniqueness of a person are the main features appreciated in the genre.

5 Tips for Successful Glamour Shots

Glamour photography is a mix of several elements in one picture. Thus, it is inevitable to remember vital features that may influence the quality of your photos.

What to Do Before the Shoot

Planning is one of the crucial things when it comes to glamour shots. Get ready with the location, clothing, makeup, props and the goal of the image before you start the shooting. Realize the final result you want to receive and work for it.

Clothing and Makeup Matter

Details of your clothing, accessories, and makeup play a significant role in every photo. Despite it is not fashion photography, you will have to work on the wardrobe more. Opt for the dress that emphasizes your curves and avoid hiding valuable elements.

Where to Make Glamour Photos

The style of the genre may be different. Thus, locations can be various, starting from an old abandoned building and up to a white photo studio. The only thing you need to check is whether the location works with the light, clothing and other details.

Lighting Setup

Irrespective of the genre of photography, lighting is always important. Considering glamour shots, it is vital, as it’s the only way to hide imperfections and highlight beauty.


Celebrating the beauty of the human body, the genre requires excellent posing. That’s the way to draw the eyes to the strong sides and away from the flaws.

Perfect glamour shots and unforgettable emotions from the photo session are the results of collaboration with experienced photographers. Wander Way is a team of professionals, who have the necessary knowledge and skills to take the best glamour pictures. Contact the team, get the details, share your desires and preferences, receive new ideas and let the adventure begin.