The Ultimate Guide to Bangkok

Cultured and historic, tropical and exotic. So diverse is Thailand, the kingdom of smiles and place of hospitality. What is the heart of any country? Definitely, its capital. Bangkok is a fascinating place that captures people’s hearts and never leaves tourists indifferent. If you get a guide to Bangkok, you will find an unlimited number of places worth your attention and time. However, try to be picky and select only the must-see attractions that will help you learn the history and culture of the city and country better.

How to Reach the City

The main characteristic of Bangkok is hospitality. Its citizens are always welcoming to tourists and ready to show them every single corner of the city. And believe it or not, there is something to see and take pictures of literally on every street. Basically, Bangkok is the place of contrasts, so even the most demanding tourist will find something to enjoy. Longtail boat sailing, observing gleaming temples, tasting national cuisine and other options are offered for real adventurers. Besides, a great range of shops, cafes, boutiques, and malls make hundreds and thousands of people come here. An important point here is that you need to forget about visiting Bangkok if you are not ready for its nightlife. Exclusive cabarets, famous red-light district, exotic nightclubs will never cease to amaze you.

Consequently, the city is a well-known tourist destination everyone knows about. Traveling here will not be a problem, as a considerable number of planes, buses, trains, and private tours exist to help you reach the desired destination.

Where to Stay

If you are already in Bangkok, finding a place to stay is not a big deal, as you are already here! Following the guide to Bangkok, the city offers its visitors dozens of one-off boutiques and luxury international apartments. Thus, you have a rich choice and should rely on several important factors, including:

  • The purpose of your visit;
  • The budget;
  • The location.

Sukhumvit and Ploenchit-Childlom, Silom and Khao San are the areas with the highest concentration of hotels and places to stay. Here you'll find the necessary accommodation and stay for several days up to a few weeks.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Rich daytime life and intriguing nightlife of the city hide a range of interesting places and attractions, thus, be ready to investigate new areas and learn new facts about Thailand. Forget about your guidebook, follow your heart and several tips:

  • Floating Markets. Authentic experience, ultimate tourist atmosphere, and cultural shock are guaranteed. Just imagine dozens of rowboats floating by filled with vegetables, flowers, farm-fresh fruits, and other goods.
  • Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw. Beautiful architecture and intricate details of the building are not the only reasons to visit these places. Instead, a rich history that stands behind is.
  • Wat Pho. Breathtaking sculptures, fascinating collections of inscriptions and murals are worth your time, especially if you are interested in archeology or astrology. Besides, the eye-catching garden with stupas, stone sculptures, and souvenir shop will add to your experience here.
  • Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha). Impressive solid-gold image of Buddha is right the thing you should see once in Thailand.
  • Chao Phraya River & Waterways. This place is the brightest representation of the changing scene of the day and night. Just stay here and enjoy.
  • Khao San Road. Come here to see the real Bangkok and its life.

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