Magic Kids Pictures from around the World


What did your childhood look like? Playing with fellows, running around the house and creating new games were perfect options. However, modern kids have no idea what a real game looks like, as they are completely in their phones and computers. Parents, instead, should do everything possible to make their children love nature, people and everything around. Travelling is one of the most effective ways to do it. In addition, you will get lots of kids pictures that are valuable in both childhood and adulthood.


Cancun is an exclusive destination in Mexico that is ideal for a family vacation with kids. Warm sand, pleasant ocean breeze and lots of attractions are perfect for those, who want to experience not only physical but also emotional pleasure.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a busy city and a well-known tourist destination. Your children will be impressed with the views the city offers, as well as its shops, museums and special game zones for kids.

San Francisco

San Francisco is preferred mainly by people, who are fond of calm and peaceful vacation with family. Eye-catching landscapes combined with modern attractions and exclusive infrastructure are worth your attention.


Maui is the second biggest island in Hawaii that is famous for its clear air, fantastic views and virgin nature. Additionally, it is a location preferred by photographers, as you can get the most exciting photos here.


Tokyo is a modern city that has much to offer to its visitors. Not only adults will find exciting places to spend time there, but also children will immerse into the spirit of the city and get an unforgettable experience.


Singapore is an undeniable mix of up-to-date architecture and virgin nature. A family vacation in Singapore is definitely worth your attention.


Phuket is a distant but world-known island that amazes tourists from all over the world. Peaceful time spent with family is one of the best ideas for vacation. Don’t forget to take kids pictures the value of which is getting bigger with time.


Morocco features fantastic architecture, excellent attractions for children and adults, as well as eye-catching views.

Each of these locations is worth time and attention of every family, so when you are ready to travel together, consider any of them. If you want to remember these precious moments for longer, consider the way you can get excellent photos. Wander Way is a team of professional photographers, who will help you take excellent photos of you and your kids. Discuss the details and enjoy a family vacation combined with a professional photo shoot.