Solo Female Travel: 7 Helpful Tips


Can a solo female travel be interesting, exciting and fun? Of course, it can, but only in case you follow several rules. While traveling in the company, you can reduce stress and eliminate risks, going alone you should be attentive and well-prepared. Here are simple recommendations that will help you spend an unforgettable time and enjoy your safe adventure.

Choose Your Destination

Consider the reasons you want to go to that exact place and make sure you have opted for the right area. Your inner desire will help you stay calm and positive throughout the trip.


Plan Your First Night Well

This point is exceptionally important for women traveling alone. Think ahead and be ready with basic and extra details, such as transfer, accommodation, excursions, and others.


Visualize the Necessities

Pay attention to the major and minor things you may need and make sure you have everything necessary for quality pastime. However, be flexible and ready for new opportunities.


Pack Light

Forget about much luggage and heavy bags with clothes. Take only necessary things, so that you could enjoy a comfortable trip.


Protect Your Documents, Cards, and Cash

Find a secret place for your documents and other things that you cannot go without. Take pocket money you may need for unplanned shopping, but put the rest of money into a safe spot.


Meet Other Women Travelers   

Staying in a hostel or dining in a local café is a good chance to meet another solo traveler and become a team. New acquaintances are always beneficial, so don’t waste such a precious opportunity.


Stay Local, Buy Local, Meet Locals   

The best way to immerse into the culture and feel the spirit of the city is by meeting local people and interacting with them.



Irrespective of all the challenges and problems you may face during solo female travel, each experience is important and unique. Besides, with modern opportunities, you should not worry about anything, and taking photos isn’t an exception. Wander Way is always ready to assist you. Contact the team, make arrangements, spend unforgettable time in one of the famous places and get lots of quality and exclusive photos.