6 Ways to Become a Solo Travel Photography Expert

Traveling is one of the most interesting and rewarding parts of life. It is not only the best way to learn about different cultures and traditions but also a unique opportunity to get many cool pictures. The tendency of solo adventures is increasing, so solo travel photography is getting more and more fans.

However, striving to enjoy the trip and get fantastic photos will require much effort and preparation. Plan beforehand, get the necessary equipment and learn some important tips before you go.


Solo travel photography is almost impossible without this tool. It will be an extra arm that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in the photo. Additionally, it will help your shot to be extra steady that guarantees crisper images.


Remote Shutter is an inevitable thing, especially if there is no one around, who can shutter for you. The vast majority of shutters feature a “2S” button that means you will have a 2-second delay before the shutter opens.  


This is a convenient way to take photos. Almost every camera has a self-timer capability that means you can take the desired photo all by yourself.


GoPro is one of the best options that are used mainly for adventure photography. However, it may be used for other types of solo photos.

Ask For Help

If you have no equipment and you have no idea how to set a self-timer, don’t be afraid to ask someone for assistance. It is an opportunity to take a cool photo and get to know new people.


The surroundings play an important role in solo photography. Use a tripod, set a timer or ask someone to help you in order to take a fantastic picture in the beautiful surrounding.


When you are out of the ideas or cannot cope all by yourself, Wander Way, a professional team of photographers, maybe the right solution. The team will help you take the most exclusive, creative and fun pictures. Different locations, unique ideas and undeniable quality of the final result are guaranteed.