10 Tips for Taking Great Vacation Images

Vacation is the most expected time in the whole year. Thus, there is hardly anyone who wants to just go abroad to do nothing. Usually, people are looking for new emotions and cool photographs. But, how can you get that? Here are several important recommendations you need to keep in mind in order to get perfect vacation images.

Your Camera

Carry your camera everywhere, as it is the only way to capture magical moments in the most interesting and organic way.


Lighting is important, so keep the sun at your back. As a result, you will receive well-exposed, crisp images.

People and Life

Even if you are a solo traveler, life and ambiance can be captured with strangers being the secondary element.


Clean composition can be achieved by the reduction of unnecessary distractions from the photo.

The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds claims that every photograph should be divided into 3 equal sections, both vertically and horizontally. Make sure you follow the rule to get excellent photos.


Unique details are used to tell important stories. Thus, be a documentarian and take properly cropped shots of architectural and signage details.


The journey, not the destination. There are many quotes about travel photos, but you should always remember that adventures should stop with the last picture taken. Keep shooting while you are on the way.


Tickle the senses. Revolve your images by taking photos of precious moments that engage your senses.


Keep in the perspective. Usual things taken from a different perspective may become a real masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to risk and try.


Eyes, not Your lens. Forget about your gadgets and enjoy pleasant moments of your vacation. And the camera will catch your feelings.


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