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Italy has long been known as a top destination to visit for travelers of all sorts. It’s got mountains and coast along with savory cuisine and delicious wines, all the things that make it hard to leave. Hidden in the central northern part is the town of Bologna, one that, with the help of a Wander Way Bologna photographer, could be the best place for jaw-dropping portraits commemorating your most special days.

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Things to Do in Bologna

Of all the wonderful things to do in Bologna, here are a few that come highly recommended as the top photo spots.

Jewish Quarter (Ghetto Ebraico)

Here you’ll find the narrowest streets and hidden alleys in a labyrinth-like construction. Choosing to take photos here will provide a rustic and unique background. The old structure is still in place, with some buildings replaced by small local shops and others still used as residences. It is not uncommon to find paintings or writings along the wall for an artful photo that is sure to bring back memories from your unforgettable stroll through the ghetto.

A walk through the winding streets

A photo session with the colorful doors and unique corners of the city will be sure to create the most beautiful Instagram-worthy photos. Surprise your followers with your artistic talents with a local photographer by your side, using particular angles and clashes of colors together to create magical and unforgettable scenery.

Asinelli Tower

There is nothing quite like Bologna from above. Seeing the streets from a different perspective will give you a completely new impression of the city. Perhaps a unique part about this walk is that it is paved with wooden steps, a contrast that could put a modern twist on your next photo session. Finding a wedding photographer Bologna expert with a sharp focus and skill to mix the old and new to capture the best images is not difficult to find, with Wander Way on your side.

Piazza Maggiore

You may seem like you’re in a live-action film, standing as tourists and locals pass you by.


Here, standing in the middle will get you acquainted with the sounds and smells of the city, as you look around the medieval architecture that surrounds the square.

Unlike many other squares in Europe, this one has something special in the air; maybe it’s the clashing colors that fit together so well or the energetic, lively vibes coming from all around. Whatever it is, an image captured here is undoubtedly one that will keep that same mysterious sensation in your mind and your heart for years to come.

Basilica of San Petronio

Construction of this basilica started in 1390, and it is still standing with a curious history behind it. As you walk up to it, you might be surprised to see the unfinished state, which is a direct result of an ancient rivalry. Part marble and part brick, the building tells a story of separation. The uniqueness of this building is suitable for most photo sessions, especially for solo and couple travelers.



The summers are hot, and most things close down, so you’ll want to come in March for pleasant sunny views and perfect strolling temperatures. If a cloudier and more sepia tonal backdrop is your fix, try October.

There are several trending spots for the best photos in Bologna, one of which is Piazza Maggiore. It is also common to find people surrounding the Fountain of Neptune, using it as a creative and beautiful backdrop for their selfies and group photos. Apart from these places, a simple street corner with typical architecture makes a simple yet artistic photo.

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