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Hidden deep within Montenegro is the beautiful bayside medieval town of Kotor. The backdrops here are unbelievable, featuring views of the Adriatic Sea and making it a perfect destination to photograph your most intimate moments, something that the experts at Wander Way are more than happy to help you with.

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Things to Do in Kotor

So, what exactly is there to do at the seaside destination of Kotor? There is a mixture of elements, both historical and natural, that generally attract lovers of all things from all around the world. What are some of the top recommended things to do?


For those who are into a little more outdoorsy adventure, there are a ton of options where you can hike the paths less traveled while taking in the views of lasting architectures that have stood their ground for centuries. The top suggested spots to visit are:

The Castle of San Giovanni

A quick hike up the side of the mountains in Kotor leads you through a massive fortress that was once a castle. There are several ruins scattered around the ancient city, most of which create the perfect opportunity to take unique pics with your Kotor photographer. Make it to the top and take a deep breath in, basking in the fresh sea breeze and views of the entire town.

Old Town

While this is not a traditional hiking-style photoshoot, you’ll still be outside most of the time, engulfed by buildings from centuries ago, where life still bustles. Get lost in the labyrinth of cobblestone roads leading you to some of the authentic Kotor shops.


Here, both solo and partnered travelers can take advantage of the huge number of photo ops, as each corner creates a unique backdrop.

The Ladder of Kotor

For those who are in for a thrill, climbing the steps up the ladder of Kotor is a highly recommended activity that is well worth the workout. It is the highest spot here, and as you can imagine, it comes with the most captivating views. Any Kotor photographer can use unique angles to your advantage, capturing the perfect unforgettable memory that you can cherish as your journey forwards.


Here, of course, you’ll get to take in the town’s museums and cuisine. These are both extra special, so you’ll want to strike a pose in them.

Cat Museum

No, this is not a joke; this museum is filled with everything about cats. We all know at least one cat lover, the one that seemingly has cat everything and is always on a hunt for more. Think of this as their heaven, filled with art and stuffed, and sometimes real, cats lurking all around you. Surely an Instagram-worthy moment!

Maritime Museum

As its location would suggest, Kotor’s coastline is significant, historically bringing traders, fishers, and smugglers alike. In this museum, artifacts related to sailing the ocean blue are all showcased, telling the vast history of the small Montenegro village.

Cafés at North Gate

You cannot leave without trying the classic Kotor pastry burek, a savory puff that comes filled with either meat or cheese. Hopping into a café within the Old Town is essential, making all your foodie friends cringe with jealousy only imagining the smells and tastes right in your hands.



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June to September is a perfect time. You’ll find crystal-clear skies and warmer temperatures along with pristine blue waters for even more unforgettable views.
Because of the wonderful outdoor opportunities, the top spots are the Old Town and the Ladder of Kotor. Both places offer breathtaking views of the mountainous city. At each site, you’ll encounter a small piece of history while enjoying the magical air brought in by the winds at sea.

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