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In Krakow, you feel like you’re in a fairy tale, surrounded by lush forests and cottage-style architecture that make you feel cozy. Krakow is a secret that is slowly unfolding once you come and explore it. A Krakow photographer from Wander Way could be just the thing to take a piece of the magic on the road with you, keeping the vibes enclosed within one creatively shot photo.

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Things to Do in Krakow

When most people hear the name, it doesn’t ring a bell, which perhaps adds to its remote charm. It is not a superstar destination just yet, but it is sure to be soon. Poland’s greenery engulfing the town of Krakow creates a magic and mystic feel. There are several sights to see, so be sure to travel with enough time to see them all, each one unique from the other. The things you absolutely don’t want to miss are as follows.

The Kazimierz Neighborhood

It is a vibrant little town humming with life in the middle of the city. The brick streets are lined with bars, and shops of all types and colors are reeling you in at first sight. Grab a coffee and take a walk along creatively placed street art and visit other art galleries lining the path. Historically, it was a Jewish district, so here you’ll find synagogues and authentic Jewish architecture making for a perfect backdrop for your photos and selfies.

St. Francis Basilica

A favorite destination of every Poland wedding photographer, this basilica is unique, with colorful and geometric designs that captivate you from the first glance. Built back in the 13th century, it bears notes of the past that seem to mix in well with modern taste, calling several Instagram fans to take advantage of the unique combination of shapes and colors as their backdrop.

Wawel Castle

Once a castle and staple in the daily life of the city turned into a museum. Walk along the path of great leaders from the past, taking it all in. The huge walls that surround the castle tower over its surroundings and the inside of the castle is showered with fine art and luxury décor. Once you pass through the iron-wrought gates, you’ll notice the vibe changes, ones that words can’t quite do justice.


Tatra Mountains

Part of the Polish Alps, this photo location is a relatively easy day trip away, gradually becoming a popular tourist attraction in Krakow. Here, you can escape from all the city noises and breathe fresh, pure, and clean air. The views get more and more beautiful as you climb to the top, giving you a magnificent birds-eye view of the beauty and wonders of the Polish countryside. As far as your photographs are concerned, the colors of nature produce an unmatched scheme, one that you should be ready and anxious to capture as you journey along.

Kosciuszko Mound

Shooting high up into the sky, this towering architectural construction is unique in color, style, and history. Originally built as a symbol of support against foreign rule over Poland, the building still stands tall and proud today and offers an incredible panoramic view of the city if you’re willing to do the climb to the top.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Even the online pictures do this place no justice. Buried deep underground is what seems to be a museum, with statues and images lining the chandelier-lit walls as you climb further and further down into the depths of the earth. It’s a unique sight for your own eyes and a great picture to capture to keep as part of your collection of memories about Krakow.



Temperatures in Poland tend to be on the cooler side, so it is best to plan the trip in the warmer months. May and September seem to be the best as a smaller flux of tourists are common.

Apart from the streets filled with photo ops, the St. Francis Basilica is the newest and most trending spot, along with the former factory of Oskar Schindler.

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