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If you intend to visit Japan for your vacation or even a wedding, your visit is incomplete without visiting Kyoto. This city is a perfect blend of what Japan is and what it was. Therefore, complete your planning equation by booking a Kyoto photographer from Wander Way to help you capture your memories. Read on to discover the top Kyoto photoshoot spots.

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Things to Do in Kyoto

While touring this iconic Japanese city, you can do a lot by photographing it. For instance, you can capture wedding, engagement, and vacation pics. Here are the best locations to shoot your photos during your next tour of Kyoto.


Gion is a famous location for traditional Japanese entertainment. It features the famous Geisha girls that have been the face of Japanese female entertainment for centuries. It is also a rich historic spot that preserves and showcases traditional wooden merchant houses. Moreover, the district is ideal for visiting and taking photos during the day and night owing to its quiet atmosphere. So, your Kyoto vacation photographer can immortalize your sweet personal or family vacation here.

Fushimiinari Shrine

If you love taking photos, then this shrine provides you an opportunity to do so without a hurry. While touring this location, you will see the towering mountain the shrine snakes up to. It rises 4 long kilometers up the mount.

So, if you came to take photos here, you need enough time and patience since it can take up to three to four hours to explore and photograph the shrine fully. Moreover, it is very busy and mills with human traffic.
While there, you can also escape the thronging multitudes to the nearby forest and take a break with your family. There, you can refresh yourself with nature’s cooling effect and forest breeze. But make sure to visit it either early in the morning or late in the evening when the crowds are smaller.

Kyoto Temples

The Kyoto temples are another gorgeous opportunity to make an unforgettable photoshoot. You can visit the famous Kingakuji, or the Golden Pavilion.


This temple has a golden covering leaf and phoenix on its roof. Since tourists frequently visit the area, you have to arrive there on time to photograph the temple well. Alternatively, you need to be patient until you get closer to the pond. The Kiyomizu Temple is also a popular location for taking photos. The temple sits on top of a hill on the eastern side of the city. This iconic and historical monument is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Natural Beauty of Kyoto

The famous Higashiyama District showcases the traditional side of the city. Maruyama Park provides visitors with an opportunity to take amazing photos capturing the authentic feel of the place. Early April, the park is one of the most visited and crowded public places here. Then, it blossoms with cherry trees that provide you with a rich opportunity to enjoy and photograph nature in its green form. At night, you can photo its towering lit cherry tree nicknamed the “weeping cherry.” So, let your photographer in Kyoto give you the best of your visit to this city. Arashiyama is another excellent green spot for shooting memorable pictures as you visit Kyoto. This little and world-renowned bamboo forest provides you with a perfect escape from the hassles of the city. The grove lets you take “green memories” of the city in the form of vivid, bright pics. It’s open to the public 24/7, but you should be there early to avoid excess human traffic.



If you want to enjoy your visit to Kyoto, then tour it during fall and spring. Although you can visit the city any time of the year, summer months are the most humid while winter ones are the coldest.
The city’s top photo spots mirror different shades of its inhabitants’ rich history, culture, and modernity. We recommend visiting the Kifune Shrine – its red lantern-lined stairs are a great backdrop for memorable, authentic photos.

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