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If it isn’t the enchanting brilliant blue lakes, then it’s the clear and fresh wide-open sky. Mountain ranges with snow-topped caps line the background and paint the perfect background across Lake Tahoe, making it the perfect destination to snap the perfect photos, with help from expert local photographers featured on Wander Way.

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Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

Of course, a place with this gorgeous atmosphere and landscapes comes with plenty of things to do. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors taking advantage of all the brilliant colors and different shades that only nature can produce with the best photographer in Lake Tahoe by your side at one of these top scenic destinations.

South Lake Tahoe

Here you’ll find mountains green and oceans blue, creating earthy tones that would make any Lake Tahoe photographer’s task of taking great photos a breeze. The winding streets are lined with cute and cozy local shops, restaurants and bars, all of which make great scenery for your travel photos.

Emerald Bay State Park

When the sun glistens off the bay, you’ll get a different hue depending on where you stand. Cobalt blue or bright emerald green tones create a contrast and mirror image that every skilled Lake Tahoe wedding photographer can easily immortalize in your special day’s photoshoot. Apart from the views, you’ll find unique Scandinavian architecture all around, transporting you to other worlds in the process.

Kiva Beach

There is something special about taking a step back and taking in all the beautiful surroundings. Warm waters flow across a sand-filled oasis with images of snow-filled mountains surrounding you. For a Lake Tahoe portrait photographer, this is one of the top destinations, with so many aspects to capture in the snap of one image.

Fanny Bridge/Common’s Beach

A special bunch of algae in these parts is the reason behind the emerald blue glisten in the lake below the fanny bridge.


It’s a unique build that leaves a lot of room for creativity and can give professional photographers a lot to work with.

Sand Harbor

A popular photo spot for those that love crisp, clear blue skies and breathing in the fresh outdoor air. Sand Harbor is a preferred engagement photographer Lake Tahoe destination for couples who like to spend time connecting with nature. It’s got a quiet and serene nature about it, with different times of day creating different tones on the water and in the sky. The waters are so crystal-clear blue you can see right through, creating an unbelievable backdrop as you pop the question.


A quick Google search of Truckee doesn’t do this little gem justice. Tucked away in a pine-filled oasis is a small-town feel surrounded by adventure. Brick buildings line the downtown area, calling those that are passing through to stop in and take a look at the galleries, displays, and treasures this town has to offer. There is a slew of photoshoot opportunities, with most of them being centered around the buildings and mountainous backdrops that charming Truckee has to offer.

Speedboat (Buck’s) Beach

Feel like you’re standing at the foot of giants among large pine trees feeling refreshed by all the scenes and views. A small beach is at the center and the reason for its picturesque opportunities. Capture the colors with a maternity shoot that will put you in the center of nature, hand in hand with the cycle of life. You’ll find natural tones and neutral hues that will blend perfectly with the bare skin of a growing baby bump.



The park is open year-round and welcomes visitors from all corners of the globe; however, the best times to take in the scenery are between March and May and from September to November.
The most popular locations are those where a full range of nature can be photographed, something that both Emerald Bay and Kiva Beach offer. The reflections off the water create a beautiful, unique background suitable for all types of photos.

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