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Something about the way the sun shines on the sand creates an oasis of island vibes. Cultural influences from all around the world have turned this piece of paradise into a playground of art deco fusion with culinary excitement at every corner. A local Miami photographer can be at your disposal thanks to Wander Way, helping you take back a slice of the humid heaven.

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Things to Do in Miami

Besides the beach, there are a ton of things that you won’t want to miss when traveling to Miami. The following spots we’ve lined out for you are home to some of the unique scenery in the city, with colors and tones that will perfectly capture your most memorable vacation moments.

South Beach

Home of the famous Ocean Drive, this place offers a huge range of possibilities for a perfect photo session with a Miami vacation photographer. From the colorfully designed buildings to the strolling classic and luxury cars, the entire area surrounding South Beach paints a perfect backdrop for all of your photo needs. With the beach at your disposal and the hues of the sky, adding to the contrast of colors, the possibilities are endless, and the island vibes are permanent.

Wynwood Walls

This part of the city is abundant in cultural diversity, featuring artists from around the world. Huge murals and walls full of colorful art light stand up against the bright blue sky that can add a unique twist to your travel photos. Almost every photographer in Miami chooses this location to add a bit of extra something special to commemorate a beach vacation of a lifetime.

Lincoln Road

A dream location to visit with your Miami portrait photographer, this place is perfect for the constantly sunny weather. Cutting across 16th and 17th, the pedestrian pathway creates a cool way to take a tour of the city. With cafes, art galleries, and local shops surrounding the perimeter, the perfect background for your next photo shoots is ready and waiting.


Deering Estate

Ahh, the Deering Estate, could there be anything more perfect? A large 444-acre estate surrounded by miles of green grass and a large center that now holds artifacts is ideal for popping the question and immortalizing that special moment with your Miami engagement photographer. Views of the ocean are not too far off, with images of palm trees dancing with the wind. From the bright colors, while the sun is at its peak, to the shadowy images that appear in the sky at sunset, any time is perfect for capturing memories here.

Indian Beach Park

Bright white sands and glistening blue water create breathtaking images that every Miami wedding photographer can capture superbly. Taking a stroll along the beach with a cloud-filled sky above is a great way to embrace the essence of Miami’s oceanic scenery. You’ll also find green lawns with bright blue playgrounds scattered along that can be used as a playful prop for a fun and unforgettable photoshoot.

Design District

The architectural design of this entire area seems like something out of a dream. As you wander the streets, it is quite common to stumble upon a unique piece, one that your Miami proposal photographer could use to hone in on you and your partner’s couple style. You’ll find all the top names in fashion lined along the streets alongside cool galleries and trendy eateries, each with their special touch and décor. Be sure to take advantage of the night time lights as they create a magical glow absorbed by the palm trees, creating a view like none other.



To stay away from the influx of tourism that comes every winter, take a vacation between March and May here, which will allow you to enjoy the sun and take advantage of spacious backdrops to take the best photos.

Art-inspired architecture is sprinkled throughout the city, with most prominent spots located in Design District and Ocean Drive. There are a ton of photo ops here, ones that are sure to dazzle your followers.

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