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You haven’t lived until you’ve made your way through Napa Valley, the hilly winding roads with hordes of vineyards painting the sky. Hidden amongst the hills are the coolest and trendiest restaurants and bodegas just waiting for visitors to swing in for a try along with artsy picturesque vibe that a local Napa photographer from Wander Way can catch.

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Things to Do in Napa Valley

Making your way through the winding roads from winery to winery is only one part of the fun in Napa Valley. The area is home to lots of local spots with the best food and, of course, wine! There are so many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered, most of which make the perfect background for your next photo session. Apart from the top 2 reasons for traveling to Napa, there are spots that you can’t miss with your photographer in Napa Valley.

Winery & Vineyard Wandering

This is the thing to do in Napa! Grab a limo or take a cruise, driving your way from tasting to tasting with plenty to feast your eyes on. As you wind your way through the hills, there is a variety of landscapes and colors, each catching your attention. The shapes of the trees, the lines of the vineyards, and even the artistic gate openings that lead to tastings are all artfully placed along the path, creating plenty to see. Grab a Napa Valley proposal photographer and pop the question among fields with sunset-lit skies, a most popular request for the colorful, warm vibes of spring.

Castello di Amorosa

Here you’ll find a large gray castle that creates a fairy tale scene. A Napa wedding photographer could do this area justice, giving you and your life partner the perfect collection of memories that all came from this beautiful display. The inside only gets better as you make your way through the 13th-century architectural maze tasting the delectable wine. There is something so unique and beautiful about the lush green grass against a powder blue cloud-filled sky, a scene that is quite typical at Castello di Amorosa.

Bale Grist Mill State Park

The old rustic materials hold a charm of their own when it comes to photography. They provide a backdrop full of textures that are hard to match.


What used to be a booming and lively area of the city is now a bit worn with old rural buildings surrounded by traditional tools and factories. Here, in this unique area of the town, you’ll find an old water mill, one that a Napa elopement photographer could work wonders with.


An area that gets left in the dust at times is Sonoma. Filled with art galleries, wineries, bodegas, and more, Sonoma is a perfect place for arranging a proposal of a lifetime with your Napa proposal photographer. Surrounded by adobe buildings architecturally inspired by Mexican military quarters during colonial times, the context is ideally romantic. The usual background consists of lush green hills that seem to go on forever, brightly painted against a bright blue sky. All the beauty that nature has to offer can be found along the foothills of this beautiful vineyard-filled oasis ready to help you capture the best images bringing memories for years to come.



The peak season comes closer to fall, bringing lots of crowds along with it. March-May is a great time to avoid the large crowds and enjoy the sun-filled skies while capturing the best photos.
Just a glance out the window will reveal why there are several popular photo spots just along the highway. While the hills create the most popular backdrops, make sure to check out Sonoma for adobe-filled scenery and Castello di Amorosa for a fairy tale backdrop.

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