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Punta Cana provides tourists with numerous tour and photo session locations. Therefore, your Punta Cana vacation photographer will always remain busy during your visit. Every time you want to visit this place, remember to book a Wander Way professional photographer in Punta Cana to give your photographic memories a polished touch.

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Things to Do in Punta Cana

Punta Cana has many beautiful tourist spots from where you can capture your favorite memories. Moreover, you can immortalize the impressions from your family vacation, engagement event, and even honeymoon. Here are the best sights to visit and take amazing photos.

Macao Beach

Any photographer in Punta Cana will offer you to take a photo tour along the Macao Beach. This public beach is a popular hub for both Dominican locals and tourists. It’s popular for its white sands, clear waters, four-wheel riders, and surfers. In fact, it’s Dominica’s only beach where you can surf. Moreover, it’s the only beach around this area that is not surrounded by hotels, thus giving you a natural break from human civilization. You can sample fresh lobsters and other tasty local foods here, let alone having a perfect backdrop for a vacation photoshoot.

Altos de Chavon

If you have dreamt of capturing photos of a real model of a Mediterranean village, then you can do it here. This village lies 300 feet above the Chavon River, and it was carved entirely out of stone over a period of six years in 1982.

While touring there, you will enjoy the charming architecture that reflects the old gone days. It is also full of clothing and jewelry shops and excellent dining places. Moreover, it is an exceptional paradise for those who appreciate art and craft. Don’t forget that the village has a popular wedding site at St. Stanislaus Church where you can also shoot perfect wedding images. So, if you want to wed here, you can put your Punta Cana wedding photographer on their toes and take unforgettable pics in this location.


Additionally, Altos de Chavon features an Archaeological Museum that lets you sample one of the best collections of the local culture. Remember, you can also get an excellent view of the river here. It has a beautiful setting that features excellent lighting on stone plazas and dining verandas facing the river. So, all these features make sure that your family visit to this iconic village lacks nothing necessary for excellent photo shooting. It’s all up to you and your Punta Cana family photographer to make the most out of your tour.

Ojos Indigenas Ecological Reserve and Waterhole

Lay the foundation of your young marriage in Punta Cana here. This location has a beautiful lagoon and a nature hike that ends in a beautiful beach. You don’t need to book your visit but you’ll pay $25 per person.

When here with your new spouse and a Punta Cana honeymoon photographer, play with the ducks and turtles. But don’t feed them – the local residents are so spoilt by tourists that they will hardly take anything from your hands unless it is a delicacy.

Punta Cana’s Casa Club

If you want to commit yourself to marriage, you can drop the “bomb” in Punta Cana’s Casa Club. It’s one of the best places to engage your romantic gear and capture all those memories by using the services of your chosen Punta Cana engagement photographer.



You can visit Punta Cana and enjoy the best out of your tour between March and May when the peak season rush is trickling out of the city. However, the city has warm weather throughout the year with average highs reaching some 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
The best photo spots in Punta Cana remain the Macao Beach (for its endless natural beauty and Altos de Chavon (for the authentic historical feel the village gives).

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