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Sydney is the pride of Australia—the land of kangaroos— and one of its greatest cities. If you plan to tour this city, Don’t forget to engage Wander Way to get the best Sydney photographer that will record all your nostalgic moments.

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Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney has numerous natural and man-made attractions for tourists. These sights are ideal for shooting wedding and general family vacation pics with a professional photographer in Sydney. Here we have singled out the top photo spots that you must visit when on your Sydney tour.

Sydney Harbor

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the leading architectural attractions of Sydney. This breath-taking, grand masterpiece is irresistible to all visitors who know the value of taking a memorable picture. Moreover, you can cross the bridge by all means ranging from foot, car, or bike to railroad. If you want to shoot the best pictures of the bridge, check for the best location along the harbor to do it. One of the best locations to take a pic of the bridge is Observatory Hill Park. This spot is popular among tourists and locals. While here, you can view the imposing Sydney Harbor Bridge and the harbor.

Moreover, the public park has exercise hubs where you can do workouts, a tennis court for tennis lovers, and public artworks for art connoisseurs. It has something for everyone throughout the year, so make sure to include it in the photo session with your Sydney family photographer to get a variety of stunning photos.

Luna Park

Away from human architecture, Sydney also provides you an opportunity to shoot your wedding photos in a natural environment. The famous Luna Park has been doing this for the last 85 years. This photo location offers you a blend of nature and human handiwork since it overlooks the city and Harbor Bridge in the background. If you want to visit it during weekends for wedding photos or a family tour, you have to do it early; it opens late during weekends.


Therefore, arriving early enough with your Sydney wedding photographer will let you avoid the milling crowds of people seeking to have family fun. You can also wait until after sunset to get perfect shots in the majestic glare of the setting sun.

Botanical Garden

A notable natural highlight of Sydney, the large Botanical garden in the heart of the city offers a unique touristic experience. If you are there, be sure to take a couple of pics in the Farm Cove -a cozy small bay in the garden that offers incredible views of the modern-looking skyscrapers.
More Photo Locations in

Sydney Harbor

The Bondi Stroll is also one of the best tour points for both locals and foreigners. The beach has many famous murals and swimming pools for swimming lovers. Moreover, it is spacious enough to allow everyone to move around freely. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is another great highlight for unusual photos – it is an early 19th-century monument, a sandstone rock cut in the form of a bench to commemorate the love of Governor Macquarie to his wife.




You can visit this city during two main seasons when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. If you want to visit the city when the weather is best, then do so during fall and spring. Moreover, these months will save you the hassle of school holiday crowds that are common during the other months.

Sydney’s best photo spots are many, but we recommend visiting the Sydney Botanical Garden to capture the entire vibrancy and uniqueness of the Australian flora. Fans of unusual, landmark architecture will surely appreciate the Central Park and the Sydney Opera House as elegant backdrops for their photos.

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We've selected 150 photographers in 40+ most visited cities who are ready to shoot your vacation.
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