Couple Poses

If you are planning a photoshoot with your girlfriend, fiancée or wife, you need to make sure everything is well-planned. Every detail matters here, as it adds to the overall atmosphere and final result of the photo session. The location you choose, couple poses, ideas, and other details will play an important role in the quality of the experience and memories you will have.

Walking Couple Poses

What do you want your photos to look like? If you are striving to get lively, natural and energetic pictures, the idea of walking photos may be a top choice. Different couple poses can result in excellent shots. Here are several ideas on how to get exclusive walking photos:

  • Leading the way;
  • Walking away;
  • View from behind;
  • Only one in focus;
  • Photos with an umbrella, kite or suitcase;
  • Walking side by side and others.

Sitting Couple Poses

Another great way to show your affection, passion, and love on the photograph is taking pictures sitting. In such a case, the atmosphere and general idea matter greatly, so you need to create a romantic feeling in the air and show all your feelings through your poses, glance, and behavior:

  • Arm around her neck;
  • Looking back;
  • Right before kiss;
  • Kissing or hiding the kiss;
  • Cross-legged;
  • Leaning in;
  • Whispering a secret, etc.

Hugging Poses

What is one of the most special moments? Right, showing love and appreciation through hugs. Besides, it can be a great idea for a couple photo:

  • Arms around the neck;
  • Arms across shoulders;
  • Staring contest;
  • Holding hands and similar poses.

Dancing Poses

No matter if you are in the middle of the street or in the forest, dancing is a good idea. Dancing without music? Right, that’s the point as it is a great chance to laugh, create a fun atmosphere and get excellent photos at the same time:

  • Dip;
  • Lift;
  • Be silly and just enjoy your time.

Close to Each Other

Connection and love are the things you want to remember and take pictures of. Thus, staying close to your soul mate and being romantic is ultimately important:

  • Arms around her neck;
  • Hand on the cheek;
  • Hand on chest;
  • Hand on back oh head;
  • Arms around the waist;
  • Arm in arm, etc.

The Details

Focus on valuable things and include some precious details. Holding hands, showing the engagement ring or smiling one to another may become the most successful shot.

If you are really looking for a combination of fun and memorable time during a photo session and perfect photos, it’s time to contact Wander Way and make arrangements.

Choose a suitable time and spend an hour or two with a professional photographer, who will help you with the best poses and great ideas for a couple photoshoot.

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