The Ultimate Guide to Montenegro

Montenegro is a magical destination for traveling and truly the gem of the Balkans. The country lies nestled between Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This amazing place has a long stretch of the coastline on the breathtaking Adriatic Sea. Follow the guide to Montenegro and find out the most exciting and fascinating things to see here. Enjoy time spent in the beautiful atmosphere of innocent nature, busy nightlife, fantastic architecture, and hospitality of people.

How to Reach the City

As a famous tourist destination, Montenegro is easily accessible from the most different parts of the world. You can come here from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania and Serbia by car. There is also a perfect bus network from Dubrovnik. People traveling from Belgrade in Serbia can catch the train to Podgorica, which is the capital. Additionally, the country has two airports: in Podgorica and Tivat.

However, you will have to rent a car or catch a bus to get to Kotor or Budva from the first one, while it will take you 20 minutes to take a taxi from the second airport.

Where to Stay

Montenegro is not a very big country, but the concentration of attractions is overwhelming. Additionally, it is famous for its coastline, which means the prices may be ultimately high. Nevertheless, one of the main benefits here is the availability of accommodations to suit literally any budget.

When you decide where to stay in Montenegro, you should mind that popular places and world-known hotels are much more expensive, but going inland from the coast, you may find quite affordable variants.

Best Things to Do in Montenegro

An endless array of Montenegro attractions, beautiful beaches, eye-catching scenery of the Durmitor National Park and fantastic turquoise Piva River will make your vacation a true delight. Additionally, the country has much to offer to those who are passionate about risk and venture. Immerse in the nature of the country hiking in the mountains, visiting monasteries or zip lining. No matter what you are looking for, just check the guide to Montenegro and find it.

Don’t forget to check the high season here, in order to enjoy all the advantages of the country. Following the reviews, the best time to visit Montenegro is from June to August, as these are the hottest and busiest months when the main destinations are crowded with people and full of interesting events. If you chose May/June or September/October seasons, you are going to experience glorious weather, fewer tourists and lower prices. There are also several skiing destinations in Montenegro for those, who prefer winter holidays. Anyway, here are the favorite places people visit:

  • The Bay of Kotor. Basically, Kotor is a stunning city, bursting with fascinating Venetian Fortifications and surrounded by limestone cliffs. Wandering along the bay will impress you with the views and pleasant pastime;
  • Budva Riviera. Lazy beach days and extremely lively nightlife are the main characteristics of Budva Riviera. If you this type of a tourist, then welcome;
  • South Coast has also much to offer to its visitors, starting from family-friendly places and ancient towns, up to beautiful beaches and luxurious retreats;
  • Central Region is a perfect blend of city life and wilderness. The capital is located here with dozens of interesting spots to see. Besides, lots of lakes and mountain passes will attract active tourists;
  • Northern Region is preferred by real adventurers, who are passionate about mountains, canyons, sports, turquoise rivers and similar activities, combined with stunning views and fresh sea breeze.

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