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Anniversaries are the cherished, significant milestones in the lives of most couples and people. Whether you’re 30 years old or your marriage is 10 years old, it’s all called an anniversary, and such a festive event is worth being captured by a professional anniversary photographer. If you’re planning a special photo session on such a great day, either at home or on a trip, don’t bother searching among hundreds of anniversary photographers online. Contact Wander Way, and our specialists will choose the best expert in the desired location to deliver the best photo shoot experience to you.

How to Find an Anniversary Photographer

Once you decide, “I need an anniversary photographer near me,” Wander Way comes in handy to help you locate the best expert in photography suiting your needs. In case you still want to perform an individual search, Wander Way experts can assist you in finding the best one. We search specifically for anniversary photographers online; there surely are some universal specialists, but real talent is usually revealed in some specific type of photography. 

You can easily get the best anniversary photographer from Wander Way as we have a huge (and growing) database of photographers residing in all corners of the globe. Thus, once you hire our experts, they set out to find the specialist you need, available at the right time and in the right place. Don’t make any compromises on that special event – your anniversary photos should be unique, and the Wander Way photographer can make it happen!

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Easy Booking Anywhere
Easy Booking Anywhere

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Top Photographers

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Express Service

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Fair rates

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Anniversary Photographer Pricing

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1 Hour

$298 USD
  • 60-min professional photoshoot
  • 70 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 35 photos of your choice

2 Hours

$448 USD
  • 120-min professional photoshoot
  • 150 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 60 photos of your choice

Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Your Anniversary

When on a trip, people often try to hire a photographer living in that place. Indeed, it’s much easier to find a local photographer to immortalize the event rather than invite a photographer to travel to the destination city or country together with you. Locals know the surroundings much better and can take you to exquisite locations for perfect photos. Here are some more reasons to opt for an anniversary photographer instead of relying on your smartphone and selfie stick on such responsible days. 


1. Memories 

As soon as you opt for the professional’s help, you’re guaranteed exclusive pics that will capture the spirit of your travel and the uniqueness of the moment. In case you’re taking some amateur photos on the smartphone, you always risk losing the moment and missing something special about the event. While a specially hired professional takes on the role of immortalizing the event, you have the free time to enjoy that event fully. 


2. Unusual perspective 

Professional anniversary photographers can capture the moment, your emotions, your interaction as a couple (if it’s a marriage anniversary photoshoot), or embrace your character and personality in an unbiased, professional way (if it’s an individual anniversary). Thus, it’s better to attract a professional who may follow you in the city of your dream or just along the neighboring street to take pics that you’ll adore. 


3. Beautiful backdrop 

Those who take selfies are usually more concerned about making their faces fit the screen of the camera, while a professional photographer can maintain a great balance between the persons on the shoot and the backdrop. Thus, when you’re on a vacation in a beautiful place, you’re guaranteed an exclusive photo session that won’t lose the stunning sights out of the camera focus, with the photographer placing you right in the middle of that beauty and capturing the entire image in balance and harmony.

How to Book a Photographer for Your Anniversary

Hire the best photographers

Select your destination
Pick from the list of cities. Book your date and time. We will pair you with one of our talented photographers.
Once you set up, enjoy your photoshoot, fancy yourself, experience the city!
Get photos
Receive your retouched photos within 5 days in a private gallery. Browse all your best shots and download those you love or all of them.


Typically, an anniversary photographer captures a family anniversary, e.g., 5 years after marriage, or a personal anniversary, e.g., the 70th birthday.

To avoid any emergencies or unpleasant surprises, negotiate the timing with your photographer in advance and develop some plan B for any emergency, e.g., a rainy day.

If you’re planning an outdoor photo session, then the golden hours are ideal (the time before the sunset and after the sunrise characterized with softer daylight), as well as the sunset and sunrise. If it’s an indoor photo session, the timing depends on your individual preferences only.

Decide with your spouse on the style of the photo and the clothing you wish to have on the pics. Book a stylist to create the hairdo and makeup you wish; iron all the clothing and prepare the accessories. If that’s possible, explore the location of the photo shoot in advance to plan the perspectives and viewpoints for the actual meeting with the photographer.

It depends on the style in which you wish to make the photo session and your individual style and taste. Expert anniversary photographers advise avoiding bright colors and patterned clothing, as well as too many accessories and glasses. The best choice is that of light, pastel clothing, or darker colors in case you like to look slimmer at the photos.


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