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What can be better than the upcoming marriage? For a girl, it’s only a bachelorette party – a magical, cheerful getaway party that serves as an entrance to the married world and, at the same time, gives the cheerfulness and joy of a true girls’ party. In case you are planning a trip to some exotic place with your friends or wish to organize something super special at home, you still need a professional bachelorette party photographer to capture the best moments of your joyous event. Book an expert at Wander Way and entrust the issue to specialists.

How to Find a Bachelorette Photographer

So, you’re getting ready for a bachelorette party of a lifetime. You must have been dreaming about it for years! How not to mess everything up? An expert, talented bachelorette party photographer will help you out by immortalizing the event and capturing the greatest moments of your farewell party to the free life of an unmarried girl. 

How to find the best expert near you to offset any risks of poor-quality pics? Wander Way can assume the entire responsibility for the selection and booking process, while the only thing left for you to do is to contact our team and inform it about the date, time, and location of your party. We’ll arrange the rest to make your bachelorette event the most memorable one from the reckless days of your maiden life.

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Easy Booking Anywhere

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Top Photographers

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Express Service

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Fair rates

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1 Hour

$298 USD
  • 60-min professional photoshoot
  • 70 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 35 photos of your choice

2 Hours

$448 USD
  • 120-min professional photoshoot
  • 150 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 60 photos of your choice

Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Your Bachelorette Party

Hiring a bachelorette photographer is a safe choice for many reasons as it frees you from the need to ask your friends to take photos instead of having fun. Here are some other factors that may persuade you. 


1. A themed party 

Only a professional bachelorette party photographer can help you capture the unique spirit of a themed party and make some unique pics of all the fun happening there. While you may be having fun with friends without thinking about the photos, an expert will capture all the best moments for your emotional recollections in the years to come. 


2. Perfect images 

Though there are numerous amateur photo editing tools today, they still don’t stand any competition with professional packages and tools of experts. Thus, you may be sure about getting ideally edited photos that your followers will envy. After a professional editing session, color correction, and a professional touch, all shoots will look flawless.  


3. Bright impressions 

It’s impossible to enjoy all the fun of the party if you’re constantly taking photos. Entrust this task to your bachelorette photographer! In this way, you won’t miss any part of the fun and will still have a pile of beautiful pics capturing every twist and turn of the party. 


4. All-in-one package 

A bachelorette party is symbolic. It’s a great opportunity to have fun with your girlfriends and, at the same time, a deeply emotional turning point in your life. In other words, it’s a transition of statuses from a maid to a married woman, opening a completely new page in your life. Thus, a professional photographer can capture all the shades of emotions and make a set of photos capturing the atmosphere of the party the best.

How to Book a Photographer for Your Bachelorette Party

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Select your destination
Pick from the list of cities. Book your date and time. We will pair you with one of our talented photographers.
Once you set up, enjoy your photoshoot, fancy yourself, experience the city!
Get photos
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It’s a photo shoot taken during a bachelorette party – a farewell party a bride organizes before getting married. The party is usually held with her girlfriends having fun and enjoying the last days of their friend’s free life.

It’s better to discuss all the details in advance, especially the theme of your party and the style in which you wish the photo shoot to take place. Such information will help him or her develop a strategy in advance and instruct you to take the best-looking poses to implement the plan. Also, don’t forget to discuss the timeframe; with Wander Way, you always enjoy an exclusive advantage of quick photo processing and delivery. You’ll enjoy them in your private gallery within only 5 days - a record period for a professional photo session.

It depends on the party’s theme and location. Most parties are held at night, but longer events such as getaway trips usually last several days, and pics can be taken during the golden hours (before sunrise and after sunset).

The best idea is to figure out some theme of the party and prepare the setting and clothing relevant to it. It may be an exotic beach party in sexy swimming suits or a glamorous night club party. No matter where and when it is held, it’s critical to inform your bachelorette photographer about all the details and arrange the clothing, accessories, and the location accordingly.

It depends on the party’s theme. If you’re traveling to some exotic place, it may be cool to put on the local traditional clothing. If it’s a party in a nightclub, some glamorous dressed will be fine. For a beach party, the choice should fall on the swimming suits.


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