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Do you have a large family scattered across the globe? In such a case, every family reunion for some special event or simply for a joint family occasion is a great occasion. You can make it even more memorable by booking a family reunion photographer. Booking a specialist at Wander Way, you may rest assured that your family will receive outstanding photos capturing the spirit and atmosphere of the meeting. Plan your family event together with Wanderway to immortalize the moment.

How to Find a Family Reunion Photographer

Family reunion photography has recently become quite popular as a new type of photo occasion. The appeal of such a photo session is that no member of the family is entrusted with the duty of taking photos, thus always being absent in the family pics. While you’re on a trip, it’s also very hard to take photos in which all of your family members will be captured; there’s always somebody shy to ask the passers-by to take a couple of shots. So, how can you get a talented and experienced reunion photographer to arrange a great event and present a printed photo gift to each family member?  

Our solution is the most convenient and safest – you may book a reunion photographer with the help of Wander Way experts. No matter whether you wish to organize a traditional family photo shoot in some park or in the yard of your villa, or you have figured out something exotic and unusual for the whole family’s adventure, we’ve got you covered up. Tell the Wander Way team about your plans and requirements for the photo shoot, and they’ll find the best available photographer in your location able to bring those plans and ideas to life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our fair family reunion photography prices – just check them out to see how affordable it may be to free yourself from the family photo shoot’s preparation.

Family Reunion Photoshoot Gallery

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Easy Booking Anywhere

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Top Photographers

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Express Service

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Fair rates

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Family Reunion Photographer Pricing

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1 Hour

$298 USD
  • 60-min professional photoshoot
  • 70 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 35 photos of your choice

2 Hours

$448 USD
  • 120-min professional photoshoot
  • 150 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 60 photos of your choice

Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Your Family Reunion

Why do you need a family reunion photographer? Here are some reasons for hiring a specialist instead of relying on some amateur relative. 


1. Discipline 

It’s hard to talk all the family members into sitting on one sofa and staring at your smartphone while you’re taking pics. Once a professional photographer comes to your house to take the family reunion photos, all family members may treat the occasion more seriously and behave in a more disciplined way. 


2. A professional approach 

No amateur, especially a relative, can take an unbiased, detached look at his or her family and capture its character and diversity. An invited photography expert has a trained eye for all the nuances and can make the family members pose in such a way that discloses their unique traits and creates that exclusive family synergy. 


3. Memories 

Shots taken with the help of a smartphone can remain among the piles of other pics to be never seen by the entire family. A professional photographer, in contrast, always delivers the photos in the edited form and prints out as many photos as the client requires. These printed pics may serve as great family reunion gifts for those who attend such family occasions.

How to Book a Photographer for Your Family Reunion

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Select your destination
Pick from the list of cities. Book your date and time. We will pair you with one of our talented photographers.
Once you set up, enjoy your photoshoot, fancy yourself, experience the city!
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This type of a photo session is organized for the entire family gathering on a trip or at one of the family member’s houses in case family members live far away from each other and meet only occasionally.

Golden hours (one hour after the sunrise and one hour before the sunset) are perfect for all kinds of photo shoots, including the family reunion photo session. But since children and seniors may be sleeping at dawn, it’s better to schedule the family reunion photoshoot for the evening hours, right before, during, or after the sunset.

As a family reunion may include people of all ages, it’s safer and easier to arrange the family reunion photo shoot outside, in a green park, on a picturesque lawn, or by some river or lake. Natural reserves and camps are also ideal as they offer both large green spaces and some interesting objects as backdrops for family shots.

Find out the family reunion photography packages in the location of your interest from Wander Way managers and choose the one that fits you the most. Discuss the date, time, and location of the photo session with all family members to check their availability. Select a specific clothing style and color to make it match for all family members. Schedule the timing with the Wander Way photographer and prepare Plan B for any emergencies like a rainy or windy day.

Since the family reunion photo shoot usually includes many people, it’s better to opt for some elegant yet pastel colors and solid textures in the clothing choices. Avoid bright colors and sophisticated patterns; choose some light, preferably white elements of clothing for the photos to look fresher, especially if it’s an outdoor photo session.


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