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Taking photos together is one of the best ways of preserving your nostalgic family moments. When those moments come, never shortchange your family by failing to hire family photographers. Fortunately, Wander Way can assign you an expert travel photographer to capture those special moments.

How to Find a Family Photographer

Who said that saying, “Hey, I need a family photographer near me to take pics of my family” should be a hassle? Wander Way has a wide range of family photographers to help you immortalize your best moments together. Our skilled photographers can shoot the best images of your family irrespective of its size, season, or time of your scheduled photo sessions.

Never weary yourself by asking, “How do I get the best family photographers near me?” Our team will connect you to the right expert at your doorsteps. So, make sure you don’t compromise your family’s best family moments by getting one of our best travel photographers while on a family tour.

Family Photoshoot Gallery

A story of a vacation in snapshots

Keep your precious memories forever

Say goodbye to smartphone photos and selfies. Enjoy high-resolution shots and let a professional take care of your vacation remembrances.
Easy Booking Anywhere
Easy Booking Anywhere

Instantly book a photographer around the world hassle-free.

Top Photographers
Top Photographers

We carefully handpicked quality photographers by reviewing thousands of portfolios and feedbacks.

Express Service
Express Service

Get photos in your gallery within 5 days. Our team will retouch and safely store them for you.

Fair rates
Fair rates

Receive high-quality photos anywhere you go for a fixed rate. The cost varies from destination to destination to guarantee fair pricing.

Family Photographer Pricing

Something for everyone

1 Hour

$298 USD
  • 60-min professional photoshoot
  • 70 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 35 photos of your choice

2 Hours

$448 USD
  • 120-min professional photoshoot
  • 150 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 60 photos of your choice

Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Your Family Photo Session

Don’t compromise your family’s photo sessions by going for amateurs. When you determine, “I want family photographers near me,” always have a professional in mind. Here are the reasons to entrust experts with your family’s photo shooting sessions.


Capture Your Children’s Personalities, and Not Just Looks

Kids are lively and beautiful flowers in any family photo session. A professional family photographer knows how to give them their unique place in the photo session. When you choose a professional, they capture everything your kids can express before the world. They don’t just capture their smiles or images, no. They also capture their personalities and personal uniqueness.


Better Direction and Output

When you say, “let a professional family photographer near me capture my photos,” what crosses your mind first? Well, if you take photo sessions seriously, then look beyond just the events and activities and focus on their output quality. A professional knows how best to direct people before shooting photos. This process becomes more complicated when your photo session includes excited kids.

However, a family and portrait photographer has handled such cases for many years. Therefore, they know how to get everyone’s attention and the best poses to produce excellent pictures. They also know how to make everyone feel comfortable in the picture positions they use. Therefore, when choosing a vacation family photographer, choose the one specializing in handling kids. This way, you will enjoy the greater quality that will add to every family member’s joy.


Better Tools

Having a great family photo session requires many ingredients. One such ingredient is the availability of necessary working tools. Fortunately, a travel family photographer has all these tools to produce expert-level images. A family photographer invests in their business because these tools make a huge difference in pictures’ overall output. For instance, they let the photographer take various formats such as wide-angle and panorama shots. These features make your portraits unique.


Greater Experience

A professional adds to your family photos what an average “nice friend or relative” lacks—experience. When dealing with a professional, you can be sure they have handled family members of all ages ranging from babies to grandpas. The sad truth is that a well-meaning amateur doesn’t know how to make a baby pose for a photo comfortably. Inversely, a newborn and family photographer can handle these special family members easily. Therefore, take advantage of this professional trait and give your family the best photo session they deserve.

How to Book a Photographer for Your Family Photoshoot

Hire the best photographers

Select your destination
Pick from the list of cities. Book your date and time. We will pair you with one of our talented photographers.
Once you set up, enjoy your photoshoot, fancy yourself, experience the city!
Get photos
Receive your retouched photos within 5 days in a private gallery. Browse all your best shots and download those you love or all of them.


It’s a joint session where a whole family or a part of it gathers to capture their best memories on photos.

Sunrise, sunset, and golden hours are the best times to shoot photos with your family. However, you can do it any other time if you have special personal preferences that go well with your entire family. The choice of timing also depends on the selected location; busy city centers require gathering for a photo shoot early in the morning, while the crowds of tourists are still sparse and there are no queues to the famous architectural and natural monuments.

You can take your best photos in any location your family loves. Here are some of the top family photoshoot spots:

Fields or shorelines with broad vistas to capture the aura and glow of twilight;

Outdoor venues with features such as tall grass or trees to offer a better backdrop;

Outdoor areas with full shades ideal for shooting photos during midday when the sun is the hottest;

Covered outdoor spaces such as gazebos or covered porches perfect for photos during unfavorable weather conditions;

Indoor spaces with high ceilings and many windows to let in natural light.

Prepare for your family photo shoot by:

Getting a clear idea of the type of photo shoot you would like to have;

Picking the right location for your family photo session;

Selecting a date at least a few weeks earlier to get enough time to prepare your family;

Gathering all necessary props to create the dream images;

Preparing your kids (if you have them) for the session;

Ensuring everybody has eaten and slept well before the family photo session.

  • Neutral colors that complement each other without necessarily matching;
  • Patterns such as stripes and plaids;
  • Tailored clothes do better than loose-fitting ones because they fit better on each family member’s body size and shape;
  • Jeans are a favorite for any family member;
  • Wear sleeves that match the prevailing weather conditions of the day;
  • Lastly, don’t forget your favorite accessories, such as watches and jewelry.


Choose the color and style of your clothing, depending on the style of the photo session you’re planning as well. It may be a cheerful and colorful outdoor photo shoot requiring vivid, bright colors of the outfit, or a delicate newborn or birthday photo session demanding milder, pastel shades.


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