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A proposal is a very romantic, intimate moment that you and your fiancée might have been waiting for. But the temptation to share that happy event with friends, family, and Instagram followers may be so huge! So, if you’re willing to capture the memories of your proposal, book a secret photographer for proposal at Wander Way. It’s the best variant for organizing your romantic day in the best way to avoid any emergencies, risks, or inconvenience and get a nice photographic memory from any corner of the globe.

How to Find a Proposal Photographer

So, you have decided, “I need a proposal photographer near me for that life-changing day.” Now the time comes to look for a professional who will never leave you disappointed and will guarantee you the best pics of that day. Here are some tips and tricks for locating the best professional for your special event – go to the Wander Way website and book a photographer in your location with just a couple of clicks. We have a vast database with proposal photographers across the globe, so we’re sure to find the best specialist able to make your special day unforgettable. 

We at Wander Way know that the preparation for proposal is a busy, nervous period, so why exhaust yourself with the search of the photographer as well? Besides, we guarantee a fair proposal photographer cost that will not cause a strain on your budget. Once you get our assistance, all you’re left to do is schedule the date and time, and develop a detailed plan so that the Wander Way photographer pops up exactly at the right moment not to spoil the surprise.

Proposal Photoshoot Gallery

A story of a vacation in snapshots

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Say goodbye to smartphone photos and selfies. Enjoy high-resolution shots and let a professional take care of your vacation remembrances.
Easy Booking Anywhere
Easy Booking Anywhere

Instantly book a photographer around the world hassle-free.

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Top Photographers

We carefully handpicked quality photographers by reviewing thousands of portfolios and feedbacks.

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Express Service

Get photos in your gallery within 5 days. Our team will retouch and safely store them for you.

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Fair rates

Receive high-quality photos anywhere you go for a fixed rate. The cost varies from destination to destination to guarantee fair pricing.

Proposal Photographer Pricing

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1 Hour

$298 USD
  • 60-min professional photoshoot
  • 70 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 35 photos of your choice

2 Hours

$448 USD
  • 120-min professional photoshoot
  • 150 best snapshots ready to view within 5 days
  • Download 60 photos of your choice

Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Your Proposal

Why hire a secret photographer for the proposal? Maybe it would be better to keep that romantic moment to yourself? Here are some of the reasons to consider hiring a specialist to immortalize the day. 


1. Sweet memories 

While proposing is an intimate moment, the two people used to enjoy one-on-one and told their friends and relatives about the happy decision afterward, today’s couples want to have everything recorded. The fast pace of life and huge masses of information bombarding people every day erase even the brightest moments from our memory in a month or two, so having bright and happy moments captured in a photo is a guarantee of never-fading impressions and emotions from the event.


2. Expertise 

Looking at the charming pics in the engagement photographers’ portfolios – those happy faces, joy, excitement, and the promise of love – you surely want to have similar memories of your special day. If you contact Wander Wat for assistance, you’re guaranteed the fairest proposal photographer cost that won’t drain your vacation budget.  are priceless. Don’t refuse yourself the treat of a proposal photo shoot if you want an expert to capture that moment; probably, this unique day in your life won’t ever repeat, and emotions are indeed priceless.


3. Coverage 

In the epoch of Instagram and Facebook, people live according to the principle, “what wasn’t captured on a photo and shown on social media, never happened.” Thus, to prove that the proposal indeed took place and to share the most intricate details of the event, many couples hire a professional proposal photographer to have perfectly processed, ideally styled evidence of their engagement. Strange, you might think? Maybe, but it’s a trend of universal, detailed coverage of personal lives that drives modern relationships, so why stay behind?

How to Book a Photographer for Your Proposal

Hire the best photographers

Select your destination
Pick from the list of cities. Book your date and time. We will pair you with one of our talented photographers.
Once you set up, enjoy your photoshoot, fancy yourself, experience the city!
Get photos
Receive your retouched photos within 5 days in a private gallery. Browse all your best shots and download those you love or all of them.


A proposal photo session is a photo shoot capturing the moment of proposing by a groom-to-be to his beloved. The photo session is usually organized as a surprise for the fiancée and captures the joy and excitement of popping the question and getting an affirmative answer to it.

First, discuss the details and timing to the dot as the engagement proposal photographer has to appear suddenly, at the right moment, once you get ready to show the ring to your fiancée and pop the question. Second, clarify the poses you should take to ensure great shots and discuss any emergencies that may occur (e.g., the change of the place for a proposal in case of a rainy day). Exchange the phone numbers for staying in contact.

Professionals recommend taking photos during the golden hours, which is the period after the sunrise and before the sunset. Depending on the season and latitude, the golden hours can be from 40 to 90 minutes, giving the photographer soft shadows and the best background lighting for perfect images. the But you can organize a photo session at any other time if you have special preferences.

As usual, it is the groom who prepares for the proposal photo shoot by deciding on the place and time and hiring the proposal photographer. For the bride, the event is usually organized as a surprise for the sake of making the emotions and excitement sincere.

Since proposals usually take place unexpectedly, it’s hard to give any recommendations for the apparel for such an event. However, if you’re planning to propose to your beloved and have a proposal photographer capture that romantic moment, make sure to be dressed semi-casually, not to formally to avoid incongruence in your and your partner’s clothing style.


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