Discover Places to Visit in Singapore

Would you like to discover Singapore? Head to these spots to see a special side of this city. In an island so tiny yet densely populated by soaring buildings and famous landmarks, it’s hard believing that some parts of the city remain wonderfully undiscovered (or rarely visited). And now we`ll tell you about them. Don`t forget to share this post!

Raffles Marina

It’s not every day that one encounters a lighthouse in Singapore’s cityscape. Head straight to the pier, where the Johor Straits Lighthouse awaits at the edge, with the Tuas Second Link bridge as another interesting focal point in the backdrop.

Sungei Buloh

Singapore’s first wetland reserve is home to a myriad of riverine species including water monitors, mudskippers and, if you’re really lucky (or unlucky), the ferocious estuarine crocodile. If you happen to be trekking through the park’s many trails during migratory season, you’ll definitely be able to see flocks of shorebirds like sandpipers and plovers.


Unless you’re equipped with a car, Tuas is not an easy place to shoot at. Any Instagrammer would have heard about the sand dunes and lalang fields.

Wessex Estate

Once a British Army base, these black and white colonial buildings house numerous art studios and galleries. Spend a day hopping from studio to studio and communicate with various artists.

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