10 Pregnancy Photo Shoot Ideas with Husband

Pregnancy is a valuable time in the life of both a woman and a man. You want it to last longer and feel this gentle connection with your baby. A variety of sensitive moments, pleasant situations and emotions are the things you want to remember for long years. However, your dreams may become a reality with a professional photographer. Just a few hours with a creative photographer and fresh pregnancy photo shoot ideas with husband, and you will have the best memories about your maternity.

Husband & Wife Holding Hands Poses

Love and affection are the warm feelings you can show on the photograph. Holding hands is the sign of support and close relations of the couple.

Couples Back to Back

Add some romance and mystery to your pictures. Lean on each other’s backs and show some intrigue combined with tenderness and simplicity.

Couples Face to Face

Happiness is something you cannot hide. Don’t hide your emotions, but make your spouse feel them, instead. Let your wife see the support and your appreciation.

Couples Hugging

More hugs, more love not only to your wife but also to the baby. Now there are not the two of you but three. Hugging is the ultimate way to highlight the love towards each other and your unborn baby.


Put your hands on the belly and smile – there is the risk that it will become your favorite picture.


Gently lean on the shoulder of your wife, hug her belly and smile. Kind and lovely photos are highly appreciated.

Couples Kissing

Take a great picture kissing, so your that your child could feel the love and care since the very first moment. Besides, you can show your feelings towards the best half.


Maternity photos are all about cuteness and appreciation. However, there is also a place for gratitude. Put your hand on the cheek of your spouse and hold it for a moment.

Sitting Picture Poses

Let your wife sit so that the emphasis could be put on her belly.

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