4 Things to Do in Kyoto

Kyoto is a famous place in Japan that was previously popular as the capital of the country and residence of the emperor. Nowadays it is one of the biggest cities that features a unique, modern face. A wide range of shrines, temples, and similar historically priceless buildings attract thousands of tourists yearly. Thus, if you are one of those who happen to be here and need a list of things to do in Kyoto, keep reading and you will find an infinite number of ideas. Don’t forget to take pictures as this is the only way to remember every beautiful spot you have visited.

Best Time to Visit Kyoto

Traveling is a very individual experience, so everyone may have some personal preferences. However, if you take into account a weather forecast and your list of things to do in Kyoto, you will agree that fall and spring are the best seasons to travel to Japan. To be more specific, October/November and March/April/May are the months that offer the best weather, the most favorable atmosphere and the highest number of different attractions.

On the other hand, Kyoto is the city that doesn’t usually have drastic changes in the weather, which means the tourists are welcomed here all year round. Traditionally, summer is humid and hot, winter is cold, and several months of summer are rainy. Nevertheless, nothing can prevent you from the best tour you have ever had, admiring the beauties of Kyoto’s best temples or Kyoto’s spring cherry blossoms.

How Long to Stay in Kyoto

Fortunately, there is no limitation for traveling to Kyoto, which means you may stay as long as you want. What’s more? The city offers a wide range of places, gardens, museums, and other locations to spend either several days or a few weeks/months observing them.

If you are here to see Kyoto’s best gardens, you will have to stay at least for a week, as the diversity of magnificent places will impress you greatly. Taking photos in the middle of the fascinating landscape, blossoming cherry trees and other plants – what can be better? Thus, take your time to enjoy the beauty of the city and get some memorable photos.

Best Things to Do in Kyoto

It is known that Japan is the country of dichotomy, a place with a perfect balance of modern advancements and ancient traditions. Ready to immerse into the unique world of Kyoto? Then don’t forget to visit the following places and see some traditional ceremonies:

  • Go geisha hunting. Got attracted by the name? Geishas are Kyoto’s flowers that bloom all year round. Unfortunately, not many of them are left, so it may take time to find them and enjoy the beauty;
  • Visit the tea ceremony. A completely formalized ritual of drinking tea is the exact thing people want to attend. People usually invite geishas or real tea masters to introduce true art;
  • Watch Kabuki performance. Kabuki is the performance you need to see in Kyoto. It is a classical dance-drama, where only men of a certain age can participate;
  • Have a look at Arashiyama bamboo grove. One of the most impressive locations, Arashiyama bamboo grove, is a famous postcard motive of Kyoto. The perfectly created bamboo forest is something you won’t resist.

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